What’s your excuse?

| 04 August 2015


What’s your excuse?

Well, I can think of hundreds of excuses.

Here are a few of my own excuses.

Exhaustion, it’s too cold outside to go for a walk. I’ve been up all night, sore toe, periods, ovulation, back pain and then the, “Oh, I’ll binge on sugar for one night, what harm can it do?” which is never actually just one day.  I can’t be bothered getting in the car to go to the gym. It’s raining! Why do I need a bikini body when I’m dressed in winter woollies in the middle of summer? The children need me and sometime I just want to be lazy, what are you going to do about it!

I couldn’t even bring myself to blog last week about my weekly results. Why? I didn’t want to know my results. I couldn’t care less, I couldn’t care less if I doubled my body weight and size.  Thankfully, I wasn’t in the Ramore this weekend because I would’ve eaten a whole Strawboffee Pie by myself, not one slice, the whole pie.

 For a few days last week, my life revolved around Leila’s ear infection, high temperature, hallucinations and as soon as she began to feel better Luke’s first top tooth decide to appear and he would scream every hour through the night.

The miserable summer weather is getting to me and I just want to get some heat into my bones.

Can you tell I’m a little grumpy this week?

I am really annoyed at myself this week for not giving my 6 week challenge a ‘REAL’  go.  I had an image in my head of looking like a fitness model on Instagram after weeks of training and eating well.  All I could see was my baby pouch spilling over my jeans when I sat down and I thought I didn’t come close to achieving my goals.

My goal

My goal

My reality. Sitting in the car trying to convince myself that the gym is a wonderful place.

My reality. Sitting in the car trying to convince myself that the gym is a wonderful place.

Instead of measurements and weighing myself I thought I would compare photos of the start and end of my challenge.


7 weeks later, I’ve done 5 weeks of two personal training sessions a week, 3 extra cardio sessions out of 7 weeks (red face). A number of walks in the evening. One and a half weeks of adding hot water and lemon to my diet. By doing this I noticed a difference in a few days but I have no idea why I still reach for tea instead of hot water and lemon.


Overall, although I still crave sugar and I do have terrible cheat days, that last for 72 hours. I do eat well though the week. I stick to meat and vegetables with no sauces, I’ve learnt not to snack on yogurts, children’s’ biscuits or the crusts from Leila’s toast and almond butter. I don’t buy ready made meals or takeaways, so everything is cooked and I know what goes into every meal.

 Most of all, I know getting fit and toned is hard work and it is not easy, especially with children but it is possible to achieve results after a number of weeks of carefully planning meals and changing bad habits. Even doing a Tesco shop online has stopped me from buying things that are just too tempting, for me this is the aisle with every variety of Greens and Blacks chocolate bars.

I have a few good recipes to share with you all over the next few weeks that are simple and easy to make and hopefully you will enjoy them. I’m going to continue with this diet beyond the 6 weeks, I have learnt that I can eat just as well through the weekend if I plan my food and that I need a cheat meal, not a cheat weekend, to keep me on track.

If you have started a diet or  fitness regime, please let me know how you are getting on, whether it is a post baby diet or just time to get into shape.



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