St.Tropez Tan in Shower Lotion Review

| 29 July 2015

Fake tan, I actually have a real hatred for tan. The smell, the feeling of it sucking out every little bit of moisture from my skin, the terrible patchy look as it wears off. Like everyone else i’ve had the orange look from going overboard, and yes, I do go green with envy when I see celebrities with flawless, natural sun kissed skin from their endless holiday’s abroad to top up their tan.

I saw St Tropez Tan in Shower Lotion which is designed to be used as part of your daily shower regime, so I bought it in the hope I could get a little summer glow, despite the terrible weather. St. Tropez boasts, “After 3 minutes in the shower it is a convenient way to build a gradual glow, that provides up to 24 hour moisturisation and is streak-free”.



I thought it sounded great, perfect sun kissed skin and no smell, great, what could possibly go wrong. It’s in a shower… right?


My Rating: 2/5

In the shower the smell of the lotion didn’t have a fake tan smell, which is good but I had to use a lot to make sure it covered my body. I would be lucky if I could get 5 applications out of the one, £14.50 bottle. For me, this luxury pricing but it simply isn’t a luxury product.

The first day, my skin went from ghostly white to ghostly white with added warmth. I have incredibly pale skin, so this was actually a good start. The second application, getting a little darker but to be honest it was barely noticeable. After the third application, disaster struck!

This, so called streak-free, lotion is not streak-free. I was left with a white patch on my back, this was probably my fault as it was where I couldn’t reach properly, but I had dirty looking knees and ankles (yes, I exfoliated properly). The back of my knees are brown on one side and the rest of my skin was white with patchwork detailing of fake tan gone wrong.

Overall, this product has mixed reviews online but its didn’t work for me and I will not be buying it again.

On to the next product! I think my only hope is an Indian summer.



Mummy what the bonkers are you up to now?

Buy Here was £14.50 now £9.50 (still wouldn’t pay that price)


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