What I wore

| 18 May 2015

 I was asked as a guest to the Miss Northern Ireland Final 2015 by Alison Clarke and I couldn’t turn down such a glamorous event at the Europa Hotel in Belfast.

I just had one little problem, I had nothing to wear! I mean, I actually had nothing to wear. My wardrobe is in a state of shock at the minute, full of grey t-shirts and old jumpers that really should have been thrown out a long time ago.

 I knew what I wanted, something simple, classical and elegant in a colour that meant I didn’t have to wear fake tan. I wanted a dress that had weight to it, made of a material that wouldn’t cling around my tummy. Sounds pretty simple?

I spent hours looking online and I certainly wasn’t going to take two children shopping for evening wear. Leila would’ve thought it was a princess party for her!

Shauna Fay, kindly came to my rescue. She said the red dress was for her window at Valentines Day but she didnt have time to finish it until lately. I tried it on and it fitted, it covered my tummy. I loved the colour and was really pleased and felt like a lady.

Shauna’s designs focus on celebrating the female form in all its curvy glory. “My biggest inspiration has always been Dior, I love clean lines and clothing that accentuates the figure.

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Shauna Fay 


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