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| 09 July 2015

I was over the moon when I was asked to review the DermicaPen, at Skin Medispa on the Lisburn Road. I think I was more excited about having an hour and a half of ‘me’ time, so I agreed to it without really reading up on the treatment or asking what it involved.

When I found out it was Micro-needling, I got a little nervous. Myself and needles just don’t get on well. It reminded me of injecting myself  with Enoxaparin before my c-section, never again! 17 injections later, It didn’t get any easier.

My friend had the same treatment done a few days before and she assured me that it wasn’t painful. I was a little happier but I was, most definitely, very excited for a morning to myself.

What I should have asked before getting the treatment? 

I have asked Judith Mulgrew, of Skin Medi-Spa, a few questions. 

What is the treatment?

The DermicaPen micro-needling system is the newest type of dermal needling currently on the market. It is used to rejuvenate the skin and as part of an anti-ageing routine helps to stimulate new collagen and elastin, which helps us look younger for longer!

How does it work?

The Dermapen is a hand held device about the size of a pen, it has a piece that is inserted into the top of the device, and this piece contains needles. These tiny needles penetrate the skin at different levels- depending on the skin condition you are treating. This micro injury causes new collagen and elastin to form and it helps with the breakdown of old collagen. This leads to smoother, more refined skin and a reduction in wrinkles due to the skin tightening effects of the treatment.

Does it hurt?

Prior to your DermaPen treatment, we apply a layer of anaesthetic gel until your skin is numb; this makes the whole process pain free. You will feel the DermicaPen on your skin, so you will feel a sharp sensation, but not pain.

How long does the treatment take?

When you arrive we remove any traces of make-up or oil from your skin, then we will apply the anaesthetic, this usually takes 10-15 mins on average to numb the skin. We remove the gel and we apply a product as a glide medium to the skin, the needling of the skin usually takes no more than 30 minutes, but this depends on the area you are having treated.

How many treatments will I need?

Whilst you will see a positive change in your skin after just one treatment, we do however advise between 3-6 treatments, this is especially necessary if you are treating acne scarring or uneven skin tone or wrinkles.

What conditions does DermicaPen treat?

  • Post Acne Scarring (pitting)
  • Atrophic Scarring (Chickenpox, traumatic)
  • Raised Fibrous Scars
  • Specific Lines and Wrinkles
  • Full-face Skin Rejuvenation Enlarged Pores Stretch Marks.

A short video on my treatment

After my treatment:

After my treatment my skin was red and felt tight, as the anaesthetic started to wear off, I felt sunburnt. Judith reassured me that the feeling was normal and the redness would fade after a few hours. The actual treatment feels like a gentle exfoliation on the skin and in a strange way, it’s relaxing. No need to stress or worry about pain. ( The dental hygienist is much worse).   I stayed makeup free after the treatment for two days but if you wish to wear makeup, Jane Iredale mineral makeup may be applied 90 minutes following treatment.

Numbing cream. Numbs the pain but you can feel a little light pressure during the treatment.

2 minutes after treatment. My skin feels a little sunburnt but not painful. (I even went to Forsetside like this).   You can see the problem areas on my cheeks and chin due to adult acne which appeared one week after giving birth. Not my best angle.

2 hours after treatment. Skin is starting to get a little dry but this is all normal

2 hours after treatment. Skin is starting to get a little dry but this is all normal


Midnight Selfie : I have just cleansed my face before bed and my skin has never felt cleaner. The micro needling helps enhance the effectiveness of skincare products. I’m feeling squeaky clean


3 days later. My skin is still a little dry. Again all normal but I need to moisturise more. Sun protection for several weeks is recommended.

I do realise that my acne is not going to go away over night, so i’ve booked in for another treatment. This was my first treatment and I’m exited to see how my skin will look after a few sessions with Judith. I’m using my own skin care products and there is no need to change brands but Skin Medispa use Elemis and Jane Iredale mineral make up. Overall I can honestly recommend Judith and the DermicaPen treatment.

Please contact Judith at Skin MediSpa 

Phone: 028 9068 1066

Skin Medi Spa
1 Surrey Street, Belfast
Co Antrim, BT9 7FR


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