| 21 June 2015

You may have read last week that I’m trying to get fitter, stronger, tone up and cut out sugar .

Well, it’s certainly not easy. I’ve haven’t cut out sugar but I have definitely cut back. Just before I started writing this, I ate a Marks and Spencer’s Millionaire shortbread dessert. I’m blaming my husband for this 400cal mistake but oh my goodness, it tastes so good. I should feel guilty, but I don’t!

Overall, I was pretty good this week on the diet front but I could’ve been better. A few crisps at La Bella Vita, (ok, large handful), Leila’s uneaten toast and of course my dessert tonight. On the nights after training I was hungry, so I did have a bowl of Weetos before bed.


I have started to drink hot lemon instead of tea. I will have a cup of hot lemon water in the morning and I try to have one in the afternoon. I also fill a pint glass of water and leave it sitting so every time I go past it, I have a drink. I have stopped snacking when I think I’m hungry and drink water instead.


I had two personal training sessions this week. Mostly weight lifting, squats and deadlifts. I didn’t fit in a cardio session at the gym but I had a photoshoot on Wednesday for my new website and I ended up walking 4 miles carrying all my clothes.  I’m counting this as a mini session.

I am blaming my husband for the dessert but he bought them as a treat because he has had a long week and the kids have both been up during the nights this week. As i am finishing writing this post we have agreed that there is to be no more sweets, treats or desserts for the next 5 weeks. He has agreed to do it with me, which I am happy about because it will definitely help.



        Last Week                              This Week

Hips (widest part) 36″              36″

  Waist 26.5″                              26.3″

Thigh  20″                                20″

Weight 9st 7.6                         9st 5.2

Overall, I feel like I have more energy and my body is feeling better for the changes.

Focus for next week

Next week I want to repeat all of the good things I did this week, but I really want to get in an extra cardio session in the gym. Obviously, I want to get through next weekend without any sweets, treats or desserts.


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