Heavenly Tasty Organic Review

| 06 October 2015


Luke is now 9 months old, almost walking, climbing the stairs, opening every cupboard in the house and playing with, pretty much, everything that he shouldn’t be playing with. Recent favourites have been eating coal out of the fireplace, iPhone cables, cat food and pieces of apple he has hidden in his big sister’s dolls house. Everything goes straight in his mouth, well apart from the meal’s I actually prepare for him.

I know that it is normal at this age, but I rarely can get a full breakfast, lunch or dinner into him at one sitting. He would quite happily snack constantly throughout the day. One minute he loves food, and the next, he will dramatically drop his head onto the table and refuses to open his mouth.

This week has been even more of a challenge, he hadn’t been well and I took him to the doctor who said he had tonsillitis and oral thrust. I find mealtimes stressful and I still spend my day making 3 or 4 different meals with no success. As my mother would say, don’t fuss, he will eat when he wants too and just look at him, he certainly isn’t wasting away!

Heavenly Tasty Organics asked if Luke would review their products. Now bear in mind, that I have also spent a fortune on Ella’s Kitchen, Hipp Organic and many other organic ranges that are still sitting in a cupboard being used as a teething toy. I certainly didn’t have any hope for Heavenly Tasty Organics.

When the products arrived, I instantly fell in love with the packaging (yes, I have a thing for good packaging).  It was bright, clean, graphic and informative.


Luke was given Coconut Squishies, Happy Halo Bites, and Yummy Wafer Wisps.

Coconut Squishies

Luke was prescribed Lactose free formula because he screamed day to night for the first 3 months and we had no idea what was wrong them him. I started spoon feeding him at three months and things improved. So, I was very excited when I found out that the coconut squishies are for babies 6 months+ and suitable for dairy and lactose intolerant children. There is no added sugar, no added salt, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no milk or lactose, no nuts, no wheat or gluten. They contain organic fruits with coconut milk and a dash of lemon juice. 1 of the 5 portions of fruit and veg recommended daily.


Now, the real test. Did Luke eat it?

Yes, I started to spoon feed him and he got annoyed as I wasn’t going quick enough. He took the pouch and ‘drank’ it himself. Leila was rather impressed that he wasn’t kicking up a fuss and she asked for one, she also loved it. Normally she would sit beside Luke and explain to him how to open his mouth to eat his dinner. “See baby Luke, like this, wide, agggghh, yum yum yum, in my belly.”

The only problem now is, I think he realises if he doesn’t eat he will get a Squishies. They are a big hit, especially when I am on the go, I just throw one in the bottom of my bag.

Next up, Yummy Wafer Wisps. Which are available in two flavours, Spinach, apple and Kale or Pumpkin and Banana.

Luke loves to bite into the wafers and suck until they are melted into the palm of his hand. They aren’t dry like most wafers would be and they do not leave a mess. They somehow managed to stay intact with no crumbs. So, these got another thumbs up from baby and mummy. No mess! Again, perfect for throwing into the bag when you are out and about. Luke happily sist in his buggy chewing on the wafer with no fuss and watches the world go by.

Happy Halo Bites

I tend to give my children dry cereal as a snack and instead of weetos or cheerios the Happy Halo Bites seem to be much healthier. They still have the same crunch of cheerios without the added sugar. They are great when you have a few tasks to do around the house and you need your child to occupy themselves for a few minutes. I hand them a few Happy Halo bites and they are happy to sit and watch cartoon’s and nibble on them. Another big positive is that they come with a resealable pack, so they don’t spill when Luke pull’s them out of the cupboard and throws them on the floor.

I love the fact that Heavenly Tasty Organics is a Northern Irish Brand and the press have commented on their recent successes.

Heavenly Tasty Organic snacks are available to buy at Gordons Chemists, Supervalu in ROI and Ocado and Amazon in UK.


The joys of working with your kids.


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