Week 5 Results 

| 19 July 2015

What a week! I trained hard, I ate well and I feel great. I’m lean, toned and my skin is glowing. I drank 2litres of water a day and I’m feeling proud of myself. Go me!!!

Some chance! I didn’t train, I ate… Ok, I feel exhausted and sluggish and I would be lucky if I drank 2litres of water all week.


My monster foot and ‘lady time hormones’.

After an early morning fight with the sofa on Wednesday, training for the week took a back seat. This might not look sore but 4 days later my foot and leg are still in pain (sorry for the foot photo).


As for my hormones, all I want to do is comfort eat and cry over the Lloyds Bank and Nationwide TV adverts.

I’ve actually eaten reasonably well apart from eating a few pancakes, homemade children biscuits and my usual Greens and Blacks but I did make a guilt free healthy dessert, coconut raspberry mousse from Deliciously Ella  (recipe to follow).

My water intake was terrible this week and it’s shows on my skin. Spots, cold sore and a bloated tummy. I’m really frustrated about this as my skin was starting to become clear and blemish free. Yeap, as you can see I’m looking my spotty best.


Eeeek! Photoshoot on Wednesday

It’s amazing how quickly my body responds to exercise. A week with no exercise and my general well-being starts to fall apart. My measurements haven’t changed this week and my weight has stayed the same.

Waist – 25 inches

Hips – 35.5 inches

Weight – 9st 8.2lbs

Overall, this is my worst week to date. Tomorrow is the start of my new week, so my goal in the mornings is to have a quick exercise session. I tried it at home this afternoon with Leila and she loved getting involved, so no excuses this week!


Onwards and upwards



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